Mick Sterling Presents
Bruce Springsteen’s Born To Run

Opening Act: Going To The Sun

Jul 05

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Going to the Sun at 5pm

Going to the Sun

Minneapolis-based Going To The Sun combines the earthiness of acoustic folk instrumentation with the playfulness of electronic pop rock, creating a sonic yin and yang that flank the unforgettable melodies and lyrical depth at the heart of their self-titled debut album.

Fronted by singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist David Young, the project started as an experimental departure from rock power trio Down and Above, but quickly turned into a raison d'etre.  "I wanted to make a heart-forward album", explains Young.  "Life is so beautiful.  And so painful.  I needed to write these songs - for myself, and for anyone else who's had to navigate some unexpected hard turns."

The result is an autobiographical body of moving, earnest pop songs set to a backdrop of spirited production and lush harmonies that is as dynamic musically as it is emotionally.

Joined by drummer and DNA-alum Zach Young, along with a bevy of guest musicians including Ian Allison (Eric Hutchinson, Jeremy Messersmith, Verskotzi) and Ken Wilson (Paulette Carlson), Going To The Sun have produced an album that is both powerful and intimate, dredging the depths of loss and grief, and emerging in celebration with a sense of hope and purpose.


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